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Post by Alan_Bradley on Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:19 am

Alan Bradley [Bartender Application]  LqSkNdS

1. Personal Information:

Full Name: Alan Bradley
Date of Birth: 25/01/1990
City, Country of Birth: Los Santos
Current Address: Marina Burger shot Apartments
Contact Number: 1505642
Occupation: Professional boxer instructor.
Valid drivers license: Yes
Criminal Record: Yes
Do you have any medical certification? No
Have you ever worked as a bartender before? if yes, please mention the name of the places you have worked at: Yes, I have worked at Victims, Royal, Diamond Aces, Stage 25, The underground, Platinums Bets, Highroller, in almost all places.
Do you have any serious diseases or allergies? if yes, explain them: No.
Any other information about you: I am a diplomated professional boxer instructor, I give some lessons. Also I know to speak spanish.
Explain why you want to join RSA's Bartending Services?Minimum of 150 words: Well, I have been working by my own as many jobs, and I on my own, so I'm looking to earn money and have more socialism with more people, I am a good people handler, I also like to be paid because money is a need to keep living but I have to win it by working, and I have heard so much of you so I decided to try to join, I know some friends that are in your company so I will have a pleasure to work with you.

2. Rules and regulations:

The employee must understand that doing any sort of illegal acts after joining the agency will result in being immediately fired if caught in the act. Any sort of drinking (Alcohol) or use of drugs while on duty is completely forbidden. You may not commit any act of violence towards a fellow employee or any client.

I, , hereby declare that I have read and understood the rules, and understand the consequences that follows by violating them.

((Out of Character))

Character level: 12
Player age: 16
Time zone: -7:00 hours
LSRP forum name: Alan.Delgado
Screenshot of Admin record:Access.
Screenshot of character stats:Access.
Why do you want to be apart of RSA's Bartending Services?Minimum of 100 words: So I'm starting to work at this job and I'm liking to work at this I ooc'ly know about drinks but I'm not a bartender, I think I can learn about bartending in this game. I hope to join and have some good role-plays with you guys. I'm not a long words guy but I hope this will work.


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Alan Bradley [Bartender Application]  Empty Re: Alan Bradley [Bartender Application]

Post by Craig_Haford on Sat Aug 15, 2015 5:25 pm

Alan Bradley [Bartender Application]  NhK2zIc

Dear, Mr. Bradley, We are happy to tell you, you have PASSED phase I.
You will be contacted so we can start our recruitment system.

Alan Bradley [Bartender Application]  ZsK61EI
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