Tyler Holyfield [Holiday Request] EXPIRED

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Tyler Holyfield [Holiday Request] EXPIRED

Post by Tyler Holyfield on Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:03 pm

Name: Tyler Holyfield
Rank: Chief Executive Officer.
From: 5/8/2015, Wednesday.
To: 8/8/2015, Saturday.
Days in total: 3.
Any other infos: I will be travelling to Las Vegas for a meeting with the #1 security agency in LV, Unity One Security Agency. They will be giving us some helpful ideas and equipment.

Note: Jameela Norwood has CEO authority for the 3 days.

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How long will you be inactive: 3 days
Reason: Travelling for 3 days yep, gotta swim a bit n shit


Tyler Holyfield

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