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Post by Tyler Holyfield on Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:13 pm

Name: Tyler Holyfield
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Suggestion title:
Achievement system/ Ribbons, callsigns and badge upgrades.
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This feature would allow the agency to issue new calltags and badges for members that would achieve some great deeds withing the agency, For example:

1. RSA's guard of the month award: This achievement would be given to the most actively working security guard with the best attitude and professionalism withing the agency, a money bonus along with a new badge to be issued to the security guard so they can proudly strap on their uniform, making them more unique and advanced than their fellow guards withing the agency.

2. RSA's bravest security guard: A security guard that would do something heroic such as saving a client from a robbery or save a place that they are guarding when a shootout emerges.

More to be issued if the idea is infact added.
If you like to change something, what do you think is wrong/faulty with the current one? It's basically an upgrade to the agency system, however it would indeed boost the mentality of the current and future security guards as some of them would indeed strive for a better title and would try to get as many achievements as they can get, this would allow them to become even more respected around the agency and the city, it would give them higher work chances than the other guards with no achievements due to their career success.
If available, list the names, badge numbers and ranks of members that recommend this: The suggestion was discussed with a non-RSA member, Furio Roux as a basic opinion, he liked the idea very much.

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