[GUIDE] Use of the IDVisor / ID scanner Device

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[GUIDE] Use of the IDVisor / ID scanner Device

Post by Craig_Haford on Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:45 am

Use of the IDVisor / ID scanner Device

The use of the IDVisor is a extra option that you can do while guarding doors as a bouncer or when you have to check someone's ID.
You can save the infos of the guests on the private property for the time of a opening. This can be seen as the prevention of possible robberies or other felonies that might could appear by some troubled guests who are looking to give us a exhausting time. With the IDVisor we will have the infos of them saved before they enter the private property of our client.

The IDVisor's will be handed out to recruits after they solved the training.
A short explanation will be done before handing them out.


(( In order to RP this, you should either create a keybind for example:
/me runs the ID, using his ID Scanner in order to scan the name/photo/age and saves it on his Scanner.

or if you have the TIME to RP it out, you can even write the /me or /ame and ADD the name of the guest. For example:

/me places the ID on the ID Scanner, saving Firstname_Lastname's information on it. ))

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