Marianne Sandoval [02/09/2015]

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Marianne Sandoval [02/09/2015] Empty Marianne Sandoval [02/09/2015]

Post by Marianne Sandoval on Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:29 pm

Name: Marianne Sandoval
Rank: Assistant Head of Security
From: 02/09/2015
To: 10/10/2015
Days in total: 38 maybe more.
Any other infos: N/A

Firstname Lastname
M. Sandoval


How long will you be inactive: Same as listed in the IC section.
Reason: I am trying to put my full effort into the Detective program in PD and have decided to take a break from this.
(Reason is optional, you don't need to fill it out if it's too personal)

Marianne Sandoval
Assistant Head of Security
Assistant Head of Security

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