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Post by Ben_Archer on Sat Sep 05, 2015 6:12 pm

Ben Archer [Guard Application][PHASE II] OrFVsYK
RSA Recruitment

A. Personal Information:

[1]   Full Name: Ben Archer
[2]   Date of Birth: 7/11/1992
[3]   City, Country of Birth: Leeds, United Kingdom
[4]   Current Address: 14c Idlewood Flats
[5]   Contact Number: 1535075
[6]   Occupation: Truck Driver
[7]   Valid drivers license: Y
[8]   Firearm license type: None
[9]   Criminal Record: Nope
[10] Guard card: None
[11] Do you have any medical certification?  Nope
[12] Have you ever worked as a security guard before? if yes, please mention the name of the places you have worked at: Yes I have worked as one at Tescos, Ann Summers and B&Q in Leeds, UK for 2 years before I decided to move to Los Santos for a change in life.
[13] Do you have any serious diseases or allergies? if yes, explain them: None
[14] Any other Qualifications: No
[15] Explain why you want to join RSA?Minimum of 150 words:
I would like to join the Red County Security agency because I feel like I could be a valued member of the team from my past experience as a security guard. I also feel that I would work well with the other members as I work very well in a team and get on with others very well. I also feel that I am a friendly person of which is good when dealing with the customers on the doors as I have found in the past if you are friendly to the public then they will cause less trouble than if you are unfriendly and unfair to them. Another thing is that I like to learn new skills and I am a fast learner which means I hope to become a valued member of the agency who you will be able to trust me and trust that I will be able to deal with situations to the RSA standards.

B. Rules and regulations:

The employee must understand that doing any sort of illegal acts after joining the agency will result in being immediately fired and the loss of fire arm/G.C if caught in the act. Any sort of drinking (Alcohol) or use of drugs while on duty is completely forbidden. Excess force while handling a guest is not encouraged unless the guest committed a felony.

I, Ben Archer, hereby declare that I have read and understood the rules, and understand the consequences that follows by violating them.

((Out of Character))

[1] Character level: 1 (Exception made by Tyler after being vouched for by Oliver Kemp)
[2] OOC age: 17
[3] Time zone: GMT
[4] LSRP forum name: Ben_Archer
[5] Post all your LS-RP characters and their levels:
Ben_Archer - Level 1
[6] Screenshot of all your characters Admin record:Access.
[7] Screenshot of character stats:Access.
[8] Why do you want to be a part of RSA?Minimum of 100 words:
I would like to join RSA because I feel that the roleplay is very interesting and I would like to be apart of it. I also feel like you would enjoy playing with me as well due to I am a very friendly person. Another thing is that I enjoy the idea of security and police in real life of which makes it a-lot more interesting for me to play and when you enjoy something you try your hardest and excel in it. And I hope this is what will happen when I join RSA. Thank you for reading my application.


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Ben Archer [Guard Application][PHASE II] Empty Re: Ben Archer [Guard Application][PHASE II]

Post by Derek_Frost on Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:28 pm

Ben Archer [Guard Application][PHASE II] OrFVsYK

Dear Mr. Archer,

Your application has been checked by the Red County Security Agency's HR unit. We would like to inform you that your application is now,


You have successfully cleared Phase I and may move onto Phase II. More information about Phase II is available in the Recruit-Trainee Section.

On behalf of RSA H.R section,
Ben Archer [Guard Application][PHASE II] E2cb3d806afa39211857a9bbda2bc19b
Derek Frost, Recruitment Officer

Security Guard I
Security Guard I

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