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Post by Tyler Holyfield on Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:47 am

Posting is pretty mandatory now people, we are trying to become official and RSA has the potential for that, we need you to post actively and on a daily basis. If you can't edit AT ALL or if you simply feel so lazy doing so, then simply:

1. Press on F7 twice to remove the hud.
2. Type /toghud to remove LSRP's hud.
3. Type /tognicks to remove the name tags.
4. Position your camera angle on something good and hit F8 then simply upload it.

You can do that and snap around 4 good looking pictures, they would basically look like these:

[MANDATORY] Screen importance 1439068246-sa-mp-007
[MANDATORY] Screen importance 83NRZGb
[MANDATORY] Screen importance Sj5WmEI
[MANDATORY] Screen importance ComdKbC
[MANDATORY] Screen importance OuWIy9P

Post the screens on the following threads:


Yes, you can post the same screens on both threads.

[MANDATORY] Screen importance OrFVsYK
[MANDATORY] Screen importance ONt4oMj

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