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[GUIDE] For Outdoor Training sessions Empty [GUIDE] For Outdoor Training sessions

Post by Curtis_Hoffmann on Tue Jun 02, 2015 5:58 pm

Feel free to use this Manual for any training sessions Outdoors.
Training sessions can only be made by the CEO's or Head of Security

1. Convoy to Whetstone in RSA vehicles /ONLY/ no private vehicles allowed.
For example : We use 2 Premiers which could be enough already for 8 persons in total.

1.1 The training /has/ to start at the wood cabin in whetstone, we park there.
1.2 Short stretching exercise, instructed by Holyfield or Hoffmann. ((/stretch))
1.3 Jogging session. Pick a random route through the woods of Whetstone. Make sure to check it via Map,GPS over your smartphone before. It has to lead back to the Wood-cabin in the end.

2. Training some situations in the club:
2.1 The Instructor chooses one of the Recruits and let's him go through one of the following situations:


(D)Situation A: The Recruit has to go to the Door of the Cabin and play the role of a guard on duty. The Cabin has to be seen as a Club: The Instructor approaches the Recruit, telling him that he is Detective Arnolds from the Los Santos Police Department and he has to enter for a investigation.

(D)Situation B: The Recruit has to go to the Door of the Cabin and play the role of a guard on duty. The Cabin has to be seen as a Betting Shop: The Instructor approaches the Recruit, saying he is Bartender and needs to get inside.

(D)Situation C: The Recruit has to go to the Door of the Cabin and play the role of a guard on duty. The Cabin has to be seen as a Bar that serves alcoholic drinks: A person with a bat, attached on his back is approaching the Recruit.

(D)Situation D: The Recruit has to go to the Door of the cabin and play the role of a guard on duty.
The Cabin has to be seen as a Club. The Instructor approaches the Recruit/Guard saying that he is a friend of the manager and doesn't has to show his ID.

(D)Situation E: The Recruit has to go to the Door of the cabin and play the role of a guard on duty.
The Cabin has to be seen as a Club. The Instructor approaches the Recruit/Guard. He is wearing a vest of some motorcycle club, has a big scar on his face and a bandana covers his face. There is /no/ dresscode inside the club.

(D)Situation F: A underaged guest(Instructor) manages to sneak through the guard's door.

Answers for the situations :

(D) A: It doesn't matters what he is saying, he has to show his identity via Badge or Driving License. The recruit failed, if he let him through without showing ID or Badge.
(D) B: The recruit has to ask for the ID, or he just asks for the name and then reports it over radio to make things quicker. He fails if he doesn't do one of the things said above.
(D) C: The Recruit has to deny the guest in a friendly way and tell him that weapons in any kind aren't allowed inside. If the guest starts to get angry, he has to call for backup.
(D) D: He has to report the name of the Guest over the radio, in order to check if he is lying. If he doesn't gets any answer from the manager or any other high ranked Security Guard, then he has to see the ID of the guest. He /needs/ to stay as friendly as possible to the guest all the time. Even if the guest provokes or gets angry.
(D) E: The Recruit has to tell the Instructor/Biker that he needs to take off his bandana, incase it's covering his face. Then he let's him pass. He isn't allowed to frisk him. If he tries to frisk him, he fails.
(D) F: He has to report it over the radio, he is not supposed to leave the door at any means, only if he gets told over radio.


(I) SituationA: A guest assaults another guest near of the recruits patrolling area. (Has to be played with 2-3 recruits. Two inside the cabin on different situations, and if there's a third on the training he has to be on the door.)
(I) SituationB: A guest pulled out a knife on the dancefloor and threats to kill a person with it.

Answers for the situations :
(I) A: He /has/ to report for backup via radio /before/ entering the situation and try to get the person down who assaults the other guest together with the other Guard. The third guard on the door, HAS to stay on position the whole time.
(I) B: He /has/ to report for backup over radio. Also the life of a person is in danger, incase he has a Guard Card and he is allowed to carry a firearm, he has to aim it at the suspect and tell him to get down on the ground and let the weapon fall. If the suspect fails to follow, he is allowed to shoot him. He can possible try to shoot him in the knee and avoid areas like the head, just to get him down.

In each situation the Instructor or another High Ranked RSA Members has to play the role of the Opponent who attembts to enter the Club/Bar/Betting Shop. He has to tell the Recruit the situation /BEFORE/ and tell him what he did right and what he did wrong /AFTER/. In order to get some learn-effect. The Instructor needs to be able to explain /why/ the Guard has to follow the orders in that way after every situation got roleplayed.

3. There will be a self-defence training leaded by a professional boxing instructor.
3.1 While showing and teaching self-defence techniques it will be required to follow these instructions:

- The boxing instructor shows a boxing or self-defence move
- The Recruits have to practize that movement with another opponent while the Instructor is watching and maybe gets between them if they do any mistakes.
- Also if there are workout sessions like push-up's, squats, biceps curls or anything else. The whole team of recruits has to form a line and do the same amount together.


ALL RECRUITS do the training-moves together. No recruit will start jogging while another recruit learns boxing moves. It all has to be done lined up and in a organized way. When the jogging starts: everyone will be jogging. When the Guard-Training starts: Everyone will take place or watch. When the self-defence training starts: Everyone will learn the same moves at the same time. When the Workout sessions starts: Everyone will do the same workout-exercise at the same time. Lined up, if possible. We don't want chaos.

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