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How to submit a suggestion  Empty How to submit a suggestion

Post by Tyler Holyfield on Sat Jun 20, 2015 3:32 am

If your suggestions or ideas are good enough, RSA management will put it in consideration and it possibly be used in 2-4 weeks, your suggestions will strongly help RSA to improve.

You can suggest things like a new structure system, payment system, recruitment system-.. etc.


[Firstname_Lastname] Suggestiontitle

Use the following format:

[b]Badge number:[/b]
[b]Suggestion title:[/b]
[b]What would you like to change/suggest?[/b]
[b]If you like to change something, what do you think is wrong/faulty with the current one?[/b]
[b]If available, list the names, badge numbers and ranks of members that recommend this:[/b]

How to submit a suggestion  OrFVsYK
How to submit a suggestion  ONt4oMj

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