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Post by James Keene on Mon Jun 22, 2015 7:34 pm

Recruitment System.  NhK2zIc

In order to become a full-time member in our Bartending Division, you will have to clear all the following phases.

Phase I

In order to become a Bartender Trainee, you will need to pass Phase I, wich is the standard application form.
More information about Phase I here: ClickMe!

Phase II

Upon passing Phase I, you'll be granted a chance to have an interview with the Bar Manager, if passed, you'll be moved onto Phase III.

Phase III

This phase, will consist in bar knowledge, you will get tested for what you know, several drinks will be chosen randomly, and you, the applicant, will need to mix them perfectly.

Phase IV

Upon finishing Phase IV, you will be put to the ultimate test, by working for one hour in a Casino or a Nightclub, you will be observed by people, and tested troughout the hour.

Trainees who pass, will be accepted into the RSA's Bartending Division.

We wish you good luck on your application.

James Keene, Bar Manager.

James Keene
Bar Manager

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