Matts Lingaard [Bartender Application] [ACCEPTED]

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Matts Lingaard [Bartender Application] [ACCEPTED] Empty Matts Lingaard [Bartender Application] [ACCEPTED]

Post by Matts_Lingaard on Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:18 am

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1. Personal Information:

Full Name: Matts Lingaard
Date of Birth: 25th May, 1992
City, Country of Birth: London, England
Current Address: [Rented]- Dani Salenius, House Number 2, Marina, Los Santos
Contact Number: 1524279
Occupation: Detective/Mechanic
Valid drivers license: Yes
Criminal Record: 20+ Arrests for Battery/GTA/Evasion. No Sexual Harassment.
Do you have any medical certification? N/A
Have you ever worked as a bartender before? if yes, please mention the name of the places you have worked at: Goa, Victim Bets and Betfred
Do you have any serious diseases or allergies? if yes, explain them: N/A
Any other information about you:
1. Punctual
2. Dedicated
3. Adjustable

1. Impatient
2. Sensitive

Explain why you want to join RSA's Bartending Services?Minimum of 150 words:

After years of being free as a bird or whatnot. I think it's time to become serious and make my career. I was suggested by a couple of your RSA guards (Fleur Whitehouse and Tyler) to apply to be a bartender. I believe that RSA can be a rather very good kick start to my career and I believe that I can take this to next level.

Yes, my criminal record might be a little or honestly very bad. RSA can give me the opportunity to make me a better person and develop the right traits of my character. Also to mention the fact that I'm going to be a part of a very reputable group, working with highly trained professionals in a good environment. It will be like a dream come true.

Drinks have been my thing and with a little training, I can be a very decent bartender that will contribute to RSA's reputation. There will also be an assurance from my side that I will not involve in any more criminal activities if I get into RSA.
2. Rules and regulations:

The employee must understand that doing any sort of illegal acts after joining the agency will result in being immediately fired if caught in the act. Any sort of drinking (Alcohol) or use of drugs while on duty is completely forbidden. You may not commit any act of violence towards a fellow employee or any client.

I, Matts Lingaard, hereby declare that I have read and understood the rules, and understand the consequences that follows by violating them.

((Out of Character))

Character level: 15 (as of 25/6/2015)
Player age: 23
Time zone: GMT +5:30 (India)
LSRP forum name: Xarcius
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Screenshot of character stats:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Why do you want to be apart of RSA's Bartending Services?Minimum of 100 words:To enhance my RP experience from just being a "Mall Rat" to a legitimate professional guy. Since my Criminal record won't allow for either a Guard or any Cop or Medic, I'll be happy as a Bartender. In my little experience, I thoroughly enjoyed being a bartender. So I legitimately believe that it can become even more better if I work under a faction.

This, and to be very honest, it's for the money. Bartender gives very good pay-outs and under RSA I might be able to get a better preference over fellow freelancers. Also the fact that IRL I'm free for more than a month and I've been very active, so I can use that time to be more productive in these activities. RSA can be my very good chance.

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Matts Lingaard [Bartender Application] [ACCEPTED] Empty Re: Matts Lingaard [Bartender Application] [ACCEPTED]

Post by James Keene on Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:00 pm

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Dear, Mr.Lingaard, We are happy to tell you, you have PASSED phase I.
You will be contacted so we can start our recruitment system.

RSA's Bar Manager,
Danny Ruanova

James Keene
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