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Yani_Kinley[Bartender Application] [ACCEPTED] Empty Yani_Kinley[Bartender Application] [ACCEPTED]

Post by Puck on Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:15 pm

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1. Personal Information:

Full Name:Yani Kinley
Date of Birth: September 30, 1994
City, Country of Birth: Los Santos, United States
Current Address:250-East Ave R
Contact Number:1552474
Valid drivers license: Y
Criminal Record:Clean/None
Do you have any medical certification?No
Have you ever worked as a bartender before? if yes, please mention the name of the places you have worked at:Royal Casino, Platinum Bets, Calligulas Casino, GOA Bets, Inside Track.
Do you have any serious diseases or allergies? if yes, explain them:N/A
Any other information about you:None
Explain why you want to join RSA's Bartending Services?:Well, i've always wanted to work full time as a bartender, other than doing side line jobs. This would be a great opportunity for me to get some good money and keep my life pretty stable and on track. Instead of me wondering the streets doing nothing i'd like to work full time as a bartender. I'd think I will make a great bartender for the RSA, because I have great listening skills and I can tend to the costumers aid in no time. I can make really good drinks and a few more drinks that I can custom make. And other than just working full time this would be a great chance to get my name out there! Plus, it will really help me out with my financial problems as well such as paying off a few bills here and their. And I can help my sister out aswell with rent money and groceries.

2. Rules and regulations:

The employee must understand that doing any sort of illegal acts after joining the agency will result in being immediately fired if caught in the act. Any sort of drinking (Alcohol) or use of drugs while on duty is completely forbidden. You may not commit any act of violence towards a fellow employee or any client.

I, Yani_Kinley, hereby declare that I have read and understood the rules, and understand the consequences that follows by violating them.

((Out of Character))

Character level:3(Almost 4)
Player age:21
Time zone:GMT(-7)
LSRP forum name:CherryMahoney
Screenshot of Admin record:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Screenshot of character stats:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Why do you want to be apart of RSA's Bartending Services?Minimum of 100 words:Cause i've always wanted to RP with an agency. I wanted to feel that I was apart of an agency. And I really love how the RP goes within the RSA, so as soon  I saw the applications open I knew this was my shot to apply. Plus, RSA seems pretty unique and cool so I wanted to give it a shot it'll help my bartender skills as well and how I act towards other players. It will help me greatly so by joining RSA i'll gain a lot of skills and more importantly great understanding. Hopefully it'll be some good RP! And another thing, I just really love to bartend.


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Yani_Kinley[Bartender Application] [ACCEPTED] Empty Re: Yani_Kinley[Bartender Application] [ACCEPTED]

Post by Matts_Lingaard on Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:48 am

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Dear, Mrs. Yani Kinley, We are happy to tell you, you have PASSED phase I.
You will be contacted so we can start our recruitment system.

Matts Lingaard
Bar Supervisor

Bar Supervisor

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