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Rank system

Post by RSA: HR UNIT on Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:22 am

We would like to announce that the current rank system is being completely remade with a new smoother and more professional system.

Note: All ranks are required to do their basic security guard work except the CMO. This rank system will be applied once Recruitment #2 ends.

The hierarchy will be as the following:

Explanation of each rank:

1] CEO: Chief Execute Officer. The highest rank in the agency. Reserved to the founders of RSA.
Current member: Tyler Holyfield

2] COO: Chief Operating Officer. The rank which follows the CEO. A COO can be explained as a director of operations in the agency sector with a responsibility of handling and managing the daily operations of the organization and report all the status and information back to the CEO directly.
Current members: Francis Rothschild.

3] CAO: Chief Administrative Officer. Basically a Scout, keeping an eye on the lower ranked members, in charge of usually checking members backgrounds, updates, handling paperwork if needed. CAO reports to the COO directly.
Current members: Ashton Winger

4] CFO: Chief Financials Officer. Handles Agency tax, manages payments: Guard and Agency incomes, Manages shipment deals such as handling guard equipment and so.

5] CMO: Chief Marketing Officer. This rank puts the member in charge of planning the marketing techniques, keeping track of the rival companies, providing the agency with new ideas and suggestions. CMO always reports back to the CAO.


6] CHS: Chief Head of Security. The highest rank in the field area, in charge of planning security guards for security purposes, arranging security plans and meeting clients/managers face to face. CHS reports directly to the CAO.

7] Assistant Head of Security: The member role is to aid and help in anything, give advices to the CHS and replace them in case they are not available. Assistant HS reports to the CHS.

8] SGIII: Security Guard III. A field rank along with the security guard suite with a supervisory boost. SGIIIs responsibility is to supervise lower ranks while on duty. SGIII has limited A-HS privileges in case field managers are absent. This is the highest rank in the field employee suite before managerial positions. Security guards chosen for this rank are the most trusted, active and proving themselves as a perfect trained Security Guard.

9] SGII: Security Guard II. Security guard II is the first true promotion for a Security Guard. SGIIs prove being a loyal, trust worthy member of the agency as they completely know the regulations and their duties, having a good attitude is one of the most points in being an SGII.

10] SGI: Security Guard I. After acquiring all the required documents and licenses to become a fully permitted Security Guard and clearing the basic recruit training. you get automatically promoted to SGI position.

11] SGR: Security Guard Recruit. After clearing Phase IV in the RSA recruitment, authorizing your documents and signing your contract. You officially become a full member of RSA as a Recruit. This is the first rank in the agency and it is a big position. You will need to prove yourself hardworking, trustworthy and to complete your legal security guard permits and recruit trainings.


12] Probationary Security Guard Recruit *Trainee* This rank is given to each member that successfully passes the application. They will need to fully clear all the phases and finish their Recruit test in order to become a full member of RSA. They could be taken to certain jobs while having at least 2+ Supervisors. This rank is only temporary.


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