Rules and Restrictions.

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Rules and Restrictions. Empty Rules and Restrictions.

Post by James Keene on Mon Jun 22, 2015 7:12 pm

These are the following rules that must be followed by every member of RSA.
Breaking these rules will result in being immediately fired from the agency.

(( IC ))

1. Always follow your leader (or Employer) orders.

2. Always stay in the position given to you. Only move if a higher rank gave the order out.

3. Never attempt to escort a troublemaker out. Always ask a guard to do so.

4. Never fight with the members of the agency.

5. You are not allowed to give orders unless you are in a highly permitted rank.

6. Any type of weapons are STRICTLY forbidden while on duty, if you carry on off-duty, it'll be at your own risk.

7. Licensed guards are the only ones who are allowed to carry a weapon on-duty.

8. Alcohol is completely forbidden while on-duty.

9. Using force against a guest is not allowed. If you see him/her commit a felony, contact the RSA guards, they will handle it from there.

10. Always stay calm and professional no matter what happens.

11. The agency frequency is made for job related and reporting matters only, do not use this for personal use.

(( OOC ))

1. You must be at least level 4 before applying unless you have another alt with a high level.

2. Keep /b minimized/none while roleplaying.

3. Radio is for in-character chat only, don't use any sort of OOC chat in it.

4. From a scale of 1-10 roleplaying skill, 8/9 is the minimum required here.

5. Players must be able to talk/write proper English.

6. Try to stay active on the faction forum thread as much as possible by posting pictures of your roleplay with the faction and anything related to it.

7. Report to the leaders of the faction in case you are going inactive/leaving for some time, failure to do so will result in being removed from the rooster.

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