[GUIDE] Clothings and Equipment as a Red County Security Officer

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[GUIDE] Clothings and Equipment as a Red County Security Officer

Post by Jameela_Norwood on Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:28 pm

Here's a Guide that shall help you on what to wear while being on duty for the Red County Security Agency.
Working as a Security Guard works hand in hand with the Police Departments of San Andreas.
Our main duties are observing and reporting, since we are not Peace Officers.

Also prevention plays a big role of our duties. This is where the clothing and our presentation comes in.
It's not just necessary to act and perform security duties. It's also very important to prevent any possible crimes by representing a security force. If a robber/drug dealer/or troublemaker recognizes the presence of an Security Guard, then that can already prevent him to commit any crime.

But if you walk around inside a club without any visible guarding items, formal clothings, badge or anything else that shows that you are a Security Guard, then they will think this club is not secured and the chances are higher that some suspect will commit a crime.

If you have finished the guard card training, then you would know that concealing your weapon on duty as an security guard is not allowed. I still have seen some of our guards doing that. This is wrong and should not be done. Our prevention works by showing our force and equipment. So it's needed to show the weapon holstered on your duty-belt. It's also part of the Law of San Andreas.

Here is a good example on how not to look like:

- No vest/armour
- no visible security guard equipment
- no formal clothing
- we do not work with pool cue's

Securing a door like this will make us look highly unprofessional and will not prevent anyone from infiltrating the business/property that we are working for.

Carrying a handgun on duty could help in some dangerous situations, but any other Security Equipment will do the work for prevention as well. This goes out mainly to the Recruits or anyone else who has no license.

If there is no formal clothing needed I am still advising you to carry security items visible, so you are recognizable as a security guard.


- visible badge
- visible security items such as :
- flashlight
- baton
- headset/walkie talkie
- visible holster/handgun

Formal clothing is always preferred through, especially if you're a recruit:

Monday, 20th of July 2015,
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