Oliver Kemp [Bartender Application]

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Oliver Kemp [Bartender Application]

Post by Oliver_Kemp on Sat Aug 15, 2015 2:23 pm

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1. Personal Information:

Full Name: Oliver Kemp
Date of Birth: 28/12/1988
City, Country of Birth: Leeds, United Kingdom
Current Address: Idlewood Motel, Idlewood High Street, Idlewood, East Los Santos
Contact Number: 1450564
Occupation: Currently a freelance Professional Chef & Bartender
Valid drivers license: (Y/N) Y
Criminal Record: (if yes, please state it here) No
Do you have any medical certification? I hold a First Aiders qualification which was compulsory for me to do when I worked in a restaurant in the UK.
Have you ever worked as a bartender before? if yes, please mention the name of the places you have worked at: Yes, I have worked at The Obsidian on the 14/8/2015 (Along side RSA actually) and also at The Pig Pen on and off whenever they have needed me for the past 6 months. I have also worked at a bar in Dillimore several months ago and another one behind the Mall of which I was also a Chef for when they opened it as a Bistro on an evening.
Do you have any serious diseases or allergies? if yes, explain them: None.
Any other information about you:
Explain why you want to join RSA's Bartending Services?Minimum of 150 words: I would like to join the RSA's Bartendering Services as I feel like I would be a good additional member to the team as I am reliable and work very quickly and efficiently when by myself but also whilst working as a team. I also feel that I would be a good asset if the bartendering division ever expanded into doing food for RSA's top clients. Another reason is that like I have already said; I am a fully qualified first aider which I feel would be good as I have noticed in past experience that there are sometimes accidents at clubs when people have too much alcohol.

Another reason is, well to be honest; I love bartendering and working with people. I am very good with customers and also good at talking to people as I understand that sometimes people go to bars just to talk to people and socialise, so I can do this but still keep a good balance at keeping customers happy and also making sure that I still am taking in orders quickly and efficiently.

Also due to my past experience I have a very wide knowledge of cocktails and what they are made up of meaning that I will not have to consult the cocktail recipe book of which are under most bars. Doing this wastes time and brings in less money for the night club unlike if I was selling the cocktails; not reading up how to make them.

2. Rules and regulations:

The employee must understand that doing any sort of illegal acts after joining the agency will result in being immediately fired if caught in the act. Any sort of drinking (Alcohol) or use of drugs while on duty is completely forbidden. You may not commit any act of violence towards a fellow employee or any client.

I, Oliver Kemp, hereby declare that I have read and understood the rules, and understand the consequences that follows by violating them.

((Out of Character))

Character level: 5
Player age: 17
Time zone: Britain (GMT +1)
LSRP forum name: Ollie-308
Screenshot of Admin record:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Screenshot of character stats:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Why do you want to be apart of RSA's Bartending Services?Minimum of 100 words: I would like to join the RSA because I have seen the standards of roleplay of which you guys do in-game and I would really like to be apart of it. I also think that it is very cool and different of how you sort of have a club management business (Security & Bartendering) and I would very much like to be apart of it recurringly as I find it boring playing by myself In-Game as a freelance bartender. I also have a real life interest in security and how companies like this work. The reason that I am not applying to be a security guard in game is because I think playing as a bartender is interesting and I feel that LSRP is the only place you can really properly roleplay it due to the excellent standard of the playerbases roleplaying skills.

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Security Guard I

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Re: Oliver Kemp [Bartender Application]

Post by Craig_Haford on Sat Aug 15, 2015 5:24 pm

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Dear, Mr. Kemp, We are happy to tell you, you have PASSED phase I.
You will be contacted so we can start our recruitment system.

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Re: Oliver Kemp [Bartender Application]

Post by Tyler Holyfield on Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:40 pm

Moved to Security division.

Authorized by T.Holyfield and C.Haford.

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Re: Oliver Kemp [Bartender Application]

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