[GUIDE] How to become an official Security Guard

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[GUIDE] How to become an official Security Guard Empty [GUIDE] How to become an official Security Guard

Post by Curtis_Hoffmann on Tue May 12, 2015 3:18 am

Los Santos Police Department wrote:SAN ANDREAS GUARD CARD

The San Andreas Guard Card is a permit that allows the licensee to work within the state of San Andreas as an armed Security Guard. The role of a security officer includes body guarding, loss prevention, store security, night club security, school security and a variety of other roles. The permit is issued upon the applicant completing the set steps required by regulations, including a training course and examination.

In order to work for the RSA it will be very helpful to get the Guard Card.
You will receive a professional training given by the Los Santos Police Department and you'll get the right of carrying a visible firearm while being on duty. This permission/license is giving you a better knowledge, better qualification and also a better paying while working for us. Also it will make it almost impossible to rank up in our Security Agency without having this or any similar qualifications.

In order to get it you have to apply for the PF, which allows you to buy a firearm and after that you can applicant for the Guard Card.

You can apply for it on the Los Santos Police Department Website:



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